Restore Your Hairline with Scalp Micropigmentation!


Why Choose Scalp Micro Pigmentation – The Process Explained

After learning the facts about Scalp Micro Pigmentation, many clients decide to go through the process of its life-altering treatment. The benefits of Scalp Micro Pigmentation are that it is non- invasive, inexpensive, non surgical, and it guarantees the results that many are looking for.

During your consultation, a certified practitioner will examine your scalp to determined which direction your natural hair grows. And then, they will discuss what you want your hairline to look like.

The process involves injecting custom-made pigments to the epidermal layer of the scalp. The pigments are meant to appear like real hair follicles. Both the density and the darkness can be fully customized so that you get the exact appearance that you want.

Afterwards, the practitioner will talk with you about what options are available to replicate your natural hair follicles. They will also discuss with you which hairlines will be best for your face shape, and draw a rendering so that you can see exactly what the possibilities are and how they will look.

The Scalp Micro Pigmentation process can be used for all skin colors, stages of hair loss, and types. And, usually, different hues of pigments are used to get the most realistic texture to replicate your natural hair color and pattern.

What Tools are Used?

The needles used for Scalp Micro Pigmentation are specific for the fine injections that are necessary. Three needles work simultaneously, and gently, to create the most natural hair appearance.


The pigments created for the Scalp Micro Pigmentation treatment are specifically made to both minimize the potential of pigment spreading during application, and also to maintain the deepest color. Multiple hues are made, and then the best match is selected for injection. It is not uncommon for one client to have a multitude of various shades to best reflect their natural hair color.