Men's Hair Loss

Restore Your Hairline with Scalp Micropigmentation!

Solutions For Men's Hair Loss
Scalp Micro Pigmentation for Men

You may have never heard of SMP, or Scalp Micro Pigmentation. If you're not familiar, our goal is to tell you about the best hairline solution in the market. SMP treatments usually take a few sessions that last for a few hours each. The reason for this is to make sure we get the desired effect and so we can gradually replace your hair. Usually, we wait about one week between sessions to give you an idea of time frame. Most people won’t even be able to pinpoint the change in your hair as your new hairline look is achieved through a gradual process!

Typical Hairline Treatment Cycle:

1st visit

Consultation & Hairline Mock-up

Complimentary, time commitment varies.
2nd visit

1st Session

1-3 Hours. Typically the longest session - creating a hairline and begin filling balding areas
3rd visit

2nd Session

2-3 Hours. More filling and texturizing.
4th visit

3rd/Final Session

1-3 Hours. Perfecting the final darkness and density of client’s look.