Restore Hairline
Restore Your Hairline Permanently with Hairline Solutions

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) by Hairline Solutions is your remedy to hair loss issues. Get lifechanging results! Hairline Solutions is your #1 solution in Greater Charleston SC for hair loss. Scalp micropigmentation, or cosmetic hair tattooing works. Don't trust your scalp to anyone. Trust Hairline Studios to get your hairline back.


Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Hairline Solutions in Charleston, SC is excited to offer scalp micro pigmentation—an affordable, effective treatment option for enhancing your natural hairline!

State-of-the-art Equipment

MP technicians use highly specialized equipment and carbon based pigment that has proved consistent with maintaining color and consistency over the years.

Personalized Treatments

Most SMP treatments take 3-4 sessions (results may vary). Hairline Solutions uses multiple sessions so that the darkness and density get the desired results.

Commitment to Comfort & Discretion

Hairline Solutions is committed to providing you an amazing experience that will change your outlook on life. From your initial SMP consultation to your final session, you will feel your confidence restored with our scalp micropigmentation services.


Choose Your Hairline

Schedule your consultation with Hairline Solutions, and we'll sit down with you to discuss your desired look and the hairline that will suit you best.

Straight Edge

Clean-cut, Stylish, and Youthful. Common hairline for twenty and thirty year olds.


Suitable for rounder faces and larger heads, the round hairline is a popular choice among all age groups.

Natural Receding

Versatile, Mature, and Curvy. Replicates how hair recedes naturally over time.

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

SMP uses carbon based pigment placed just below the epidermis to give the look of a real hairline. Scalp micropigmentation is the perfect solution for men and women with hair loss issues, hiding blemishes, scars and alopecia. We'll help you get the look you desire!

  • Highly Trained Technician
  • Cutting-edge technology and highly trained, personable staff.

Why Choose Hairline Solutions for SMP in Charleston SC?

  • Clean, comfortable environment
  • Lifechanging experience for your hair and your confidence
  • Low-to no maintenance hair loss solution
  • Micro-needling can be virtually painless.

Johnny Scott

Johnny Scott

I’ve personally made the decision to receive SMP and hands down one of the best decisions of my life. I was so impressed that I almost immediately took the steps to become certified and help others as I was personally helped. In the time since my last session I have had not a single soul inquire about my procedure that I did not directly tell about it.
Owner of Hairline Solutions

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Stop Suffering From A Fading Hairline

SMP is THE technique that gives your money worth, and Hairline Solutions stands behind our results. This proven treatment will give you a new outlook on life. No need to wait months or spend money on other hair solutions that don't work. The procedure takes roughly a month to get good results. Be you again with the most effective solution for baldness available in the Lowcountry.


What Is Micro Pigmentation?

Scalp Pigmentation is a hair follicle replication process that helps people suffering from different types of hair loss, thinning hair, etc. We use our specially designed pigments and unique application to replicate hair follicles in your scalp. This treatment is non-invasive and requires no surgery.

What is the cost for the procedure?

Costs are based off a formula that factors in each individuals specific hair loss. Price can only be determined after consultation.

Will someone notice the procedure?

The look we provide is unbelievably authentic and realistic. Unless you told them, they would have no clue. Not one client we have treated has been noticed. It will make you look younger and feel more confident.

How will I look after the first session?

​​There will be redness for 24-48 hours after treatment, it depends usually on your skin type.

How long does it take?

​The procedure takes roughly a month to get good results. 3 sessions are included for all clients. The time each session requires depends on the individual, but average times are: 1st= 4-5 hrs; 2nd= 3-4 hrs; 3rd= 1-2 hrs

Will the pigment change colors?

Our pigments are 100% organic with no color additives, this is specially formulated pigment used for our purpose.